Depression & Anxiety

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These insidious symptoms are two of the toughest to wrap our heads around. There is value in all emotions as long as they're helpful, but when it becomes a way of life that leaves you with no life, it's time to kick that inner critic to the curb. I have worked with many young adults and adults that have carved out their own reparation-ready road, using Coeducational Psycho-education, Neuroplasticity, REBT, CBT, and a regular purging of the ball of hurt that takes up too much space. In other words, there's hope and it all starts with feeling a little vulnerable, but doing it anyway. I will be with you every step of the way.


Trauma & PTSD

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Trauma, Complex Trauma and all the chaos that comes with it isn't a one size fits all remedy. It needs recovery/discovery of trust and ultimate support. I pride myself in my ability to adapt my approach for each client, because honestly, if there were a healing stick that worked for everyone in the exact same way, then there'd be no need for people like me.  

I hold the utmost respect for trauma thrivers and I'm in awe every time I am lucky enough to witness that journey of surviving to thriving.

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