About Silky

I was born in a trunk and lived in it for years. My family are all artists and because of their success, I was "destined" to follow their path. That was their incredible story. I'm now writing mine. I have always been curious about life and how we experience it. Some of my fondest memories are of volunteering for an American drop-in teen-centre, helping other teens vent their frustrations or express their elation. I learned to mentor and to relate. I enrolled in the student counsellor programme in my Vermont high school and developed the vital skill of listening. For many years and through much personal trauma, I discovered my own flaws and fully experienced them. (Whoa!) 

From this, I finely honed my understanding of suffering and my innate sense of healing. Because of my earlier experiences I am able to relate to my clients on a much deeper level. In 2012, I decided that the life I was leading was not the life I had envisioned for myself, so jumped into action and made the terrifying choice to change. I signed up for a integrative counselling course to continue the work I’d begun in high school: helping others to make their change possible. I haven't stopped learning since. I'm pretty sure that's the point of all this we call life!

I have experience with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, Embedded Relational Mindfulness, Trauma Recovery, Rewind Technique and am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist. I’ve taught classes on how to effectively and assertively communicate with yourself and others. This has proved invaluable in my private session work with clients. Alongside my private practice, I have seen numerous clients through Mendip YMCA Routes in Frome, Somerset, broadening my insight greatly on a wide range of issues. Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, CPTSD, Self-harm and Distorted Thinking Patterns are just some of the issues I feel confident working with. I also work with individuals who are suffering existential crises, life & death quandaries, developing and strengthening spirituality or are simply in the thrall of vague curiosity. Anything goes, as Cole Porter so aptly coined.